Maybe Pink Just Isn’t Your Color — Said No One, Ever.

There are so many gorgeous colors and shades and hues in the world, many of which we can’t even see with our own eyes. Some can, and they are called Super Seers or something; I’m drawing comparisons to Super Tasters. You know, those people who have been given the title of Can See More Colors Than Everyone Else, or Taste All The Things?

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They were given that prestigious title on the interwebs by a test. A test everyone, everyone’s daughter, and everyone’s second cousin twice removed takes online off of Facebook.

I want to see all the color trend reports! Why do you lock them behind a pay wall??
I am not a Super Seer. I took the test. Enter my perpetual sadness.


Digressing a bit, but the point of the matter is Color Trends. Specifically F/W 2016. We’re seeing a lot of buzz about Riverside, a Pantone shade that everyone craves but no one understands (I’m thinking it’s Navy’s cousin).

We’re also seeing Sharkskin, which is apparently Gun Metal’s younger sister if a bit more textured. And we’re seeing a bunch of yellow everywhere, Mustard yellow, which is a personal favorite.

We’re also seeing Lilac and Hot Pink, Electric Purple and Pink Yarrow to be specific. But…

You are missing my favorite one!

The color trends forecast told me tumblr pink was dead
Well. Wait a minute. Isn’t this trend about to be over?


It sits right in between the faded fallows of expert electric purple persuasion and the screeching eighties vibrato of pink yarrow. It’s pink.

Pink. Dusty, sandy, fluffy, soft, grungey, pretty, faded bubble gum, Tumblr pink…

Note France Gall’s frock in the above image (Airy Blue).  And that pale pinkish hue in the background? Fashion Designers are getting their inspiration from somewhere, and I’m guessing it’s vintage French albums.

It is actually one of my favorite shades. And I hesitated trumpeting it because

[bctt tweet=” I’m Too Cool for School to like what everyone else likes.” username=”xs_accessories”]

I thought this trend was supposed to be over, and was just about to jump on the bandwagon since the season was out. Silly me, Spring isn’t done with it yet, apparently.

One wonders why I bother trying to fight the tides of color trends anymore.

I guess I’ll just have to roll with Riverside and Tumblr Pink for now.


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