Body Positivity Spotlight – Moné

Body Positivity Spot Light - Moné

Today we feature Moné who is a plus-size blogger who started her blogging journey in the middle of last year (2016). When we asked her what her experiences with body positivity were, she provided a thorough, thoughtful, and heartfelt response.

Reading like a stream of consciousness, Moné’s experiences echo the feelings of many members of the plus-size community.

I graduated FIT last year with my Bachelors and, when I realized the jobs weren’t just pouring in, I got a bit depressed.

Just unhappy with the way life was going, and all I seemed to see were women fixing up their bodies with plastic surgery and making beauty be their way to climb the career ladder.

I basically saw that I hustled, did it the hard way, and for what? Brains seemed to be getting me nowhere, even the beauty I have wasn’t getting me anywhere. And I never wanted to rely on that.

Guys never seemed to care about a pretty face anyway, everything just seemed to only be about the body!

Even with my degrees I thought to myself, “hmm, maybe I should just save up for some plastic surgery and trim this gut away, maybe then people will truly see me and what I bring to the table.”

Then I started thinking to myself “STOP!” I realized all those fix-ups are the easy way out and I’ve never been an “easy way out” type of chick!

I work hard for whatever I want. And guess what? I do want to lose a couple pounds but that’s my decision. I just want to live as long as I can! Truly live life!

But I do know getting healthy is a process both physically and spiritually. In that process, why should I let people get me down?

Why should I try to sulk in corners at the parties? Or let that guy gossiping behind me discourage me from dressing the best I can, strutting because I feel good and look good?

Because of all this, I turned to blogging, to writing how I felt, and dressing up how I wanted to and continue to do so now.

Why should ANYONE feel bad about their flaws? We all have them!

That is why I love the body positivity movement.

I love the courage it brings out of the plus-size community but more specifically for women!


Check out Moné’s blog here;

Catch her on instagram here; mkr_plusfashion


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